Ari Seraphin, Chair

Ari Seraphin | Chair

Ari Seraphin | Chair

1st 2016-2018

Keast & Hood

Since 2007, Ari has contributed to Keast & Hood projects as a structural engineer for historic restoration/preservation and new construction, including non-destructive testing and thermography analyses. His practical hands-on construction knowledge coupled with his engineering training serve him well in developing pragmatic structural solutions and in coordinating and communicating effectively with members of the design team and with tradespeople. Ari’s experience began while at The Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades gaining skills working with Frank Furness buildings and continued with high-end interior renovations and exterior restoration work which provided him with the basis for his introduction into engineering. He has been a member of the Association for Preservation Technology for several years, and for five years served as Chairman of the Hawthorne Empowerment Coalition Zoning Board.

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