About the Association for Preservation Technology

The Association for Preservation Technology International is a multi-disciplinary, international organization that promotes best practices, whether by modern methods or the historic ones, for conserving historic structures and their settings. Members are located in 28 countries, and there are 12 chapters in North America and Australia.

The Delaware Valley Chapter covers the region surrounding Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The goal of the Delaware Valley Chapter is to encourage better quality restoration and preservation by promoting good communication between the various individuals involved in these fields. We endeavor to accomplish this is by inviting speakers to give presentations or tours that will increase each member's knowledge and understanding of proper usage of types of products and processes in the construction industry.

The Delaware Valley Chapter was formed in 1984 and now has approximately 130 members. Events are held approximately once a month. A cross-section of the membership attends events. Location varies by event.

Board of Directors

The Delaware Valley Chapter Board of Directors is made up of members of the preservation community from the Delaware Valley - Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Board members are nominated by the Board and put forward for election at the annual meeting.


Board Members